Accelerate security, compliance and productivity with Devicie 

Guide your customers to a safe, AI-enabled future.

The Microsoft Modern Work partner strategy for FY24 presents key opportunities for CSPs 

16% license revenue expansion, upselling customers from Business Premium to E3 to E5 and Copilot

End of life Windows 10 and move to cloud managed endpoints

AI and automation with Copilot requires secure productivity and managed cloud endpoints

The new forces in work

Staffing challenges


unfulfilled IT & cybersecurity job openings by 20251

Evolving work styles


of employees want to work remotely or in a flexible arrangement2

Growing endpoint risk


of successful cyberattacks originate at endpoint devices3

1. Cybersecurity press release, Cybersecurity Jobs Report: 3.5 Million Unfilled Positions In 2025
2. Forbes, Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2024
3. IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022.

The power and complexity of Microsoft Intune

  • Intune is the M365 engine – it is extremely powerful and is the foundation to the entire Microsoft Modern Work partner strategy for FY24
  • With over 40,000 possible configurations, Intune setup and management can be unexpectedly complex and challenging
  • Most organizations face a shortage of skills, time and resources when looking to setup and maintain their unique Intune instance

Devicie: automatically bring Intune up to speed

The only ‘Outcome as a Service’ provider for Intune.


Zero-touch configuration of a tailored, best-in-class, Intune instance


Test, optimise and deploy ready for organization wide device enrollment


Monitor, maintain and enhance the M365 environment, through smart automation


Comprehensive insights into the endpoint health of an organization

Secure productivity, paving the way for AI

Enable a new way to work with Devicie and Microsoft 365 by building a layered security foundation, simplifying endpoint management, and unleashing secure productivity. 

Accelerate towards a state of modern management

Built in hours

A best-in-class Intune instance tailored to your customers' needs

Deployed in days

Tested, depoyed and ready for organization-wide rollout

Automatically maintained

Zero-touch execution of updates and policies and automated remediation maintains the ideal state without the manual workload

Comprehensive insights into the endpoint health of an organization, including OS patching, local administration controls, encryption, warranty, and applications – making management and compliance reporting a breeze

Partnering with Devicie

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can drive accelerated M365 outcomes and improve profitability by providing Outcome as a Service.

  • Multi-tenant management
  • Best in class Intune instance automatically tailored for each customer
  • Hyperautomation for ongoing management
  • Improved resource utilization and faster time to outcome for improved profitability
  • AI Unlock for Copilot and E5
  • Drive BP to E3 to E5 license growth
  • MACC and ECIF eligible Microsoft Partner

Which Devicie is right for you?

Devicie D3: instant uplift into ideal state

For organizations with Microsoft BP and E3 licenses seeking immediate operational efficiency, D3 offers rapid deployment and automated on-going maintenance. This ensures an optimal state of modern management is achieved and maintained without adding any additional workload to the team.

Devicie D5: elevated security and compliance

For organizations requiring advanced security and compliance, D5 extends D3's capabilities with enhanced security configurations and comprehensive compliance reporting. Ideal for organizations with Microsoft E3 or E5 licenses looking to have more comprehensive visibility and control.

Devicie with Microsoft Intune gets your customers into a state of modern management, and keeps them there

  • Endpoint Security: Devicie offers unparalleled control over endpoints, significantly bolstering your customers' defense against cybersecurity threats.
  • Efficiency Gains: By automating device management tasks, Devicie liberates IT and solutions teams to focus on value-added projects and initiatives.
  • Compliance Assurance: Maintain continuous compliance with dynamic insights and detailed reporting, always ensuring audit readiness.
  • Achieve CSP growth goals with license growth.
  • Deliver high-quality outcomes for customers.
  • Improved margin with lower resource utilization for the same value.

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